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Marketing Support

As the owner of a review website, corporate blog line, or social media platform, managing and creating the content that users post on your website is of the utmost importance since it reflects heavily your brand and will determine your site’s popularity and user-friendliness.


  • Content creation

  • Graphics editing

  • Video editing

  • Reactive moderation

  • Blog research, writing, and editing

  • Text curation including comments and reviews

Case Study



One of Spoke's clients, an early-stage marketing company that focuses on the startup community generated thin margins. Finding a cost-effective operating solution was essential to running a successful business. In order to do this they needed to hire a knowledgeable staff to routinely moderate digital ad campaigns for clients across several different verticals.




Spoke was able to source candidates who’ve worked on the ad campaigns of several Fortune 100 companies and were eager to try their hand with startup clients. Leveraging their experience and knowhow, the client was able to service their ever-growing client base with a limited U.S. team by having Spoke integrate seamlessly into their ad operations team.


As Spoke’s team continued to generate the same results at a fraction of the cost, the client expanded the use of the outsourced digital marketing moderation team to manage other critical components. This included content generation for newsletters and social media postings.

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