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Back Office

Fast-growing businesses can outsource the core and non-core back office functions to the teams at Spoke. It is a standard practice to outsource back office clerical activities, HR functions, IT support services, and more. We have built formal training sessions and processes that allow these functions to keep pace with the growing speed of your business.


  • General Admin & Staff Support

  • Bookkeeping/ Accounting

  • Order & vendor management

  • HR and payroll support

  • CRM management

Case Study




Founder Shield and their subsidiary Broker Buddha, an insurance brokerage focusing on the startup community and a web platform for brokers to communicate respectfully, faced an oddly good problem. Their marketing efforts had paid off and they were now dealing with a volume of policies they did not have the capacity to service. Time being of the essence and not wanting to slow their marketing efforts or the hiring of sales staff, Founder Shield and Broker Buddha needed to quickly hire an operations team that knew the insurance and startup space intimately.




One of the unique advantages of Spoke is our recruiting network and commitment to providing a highly skilled workforce. Within a period of two and a half weeks we were able to source a team and completely train them for most of the operational tasks needed to support a company that was growing at double-digit rates month over month. Our team's back office and customer support included managing their Salesforce software suite, helping to identify clients specific coverage needs across industries, updating policies, ensuring legacy customers needs are met, and assisting in the buildout of the online platform.


The combined Founder Shield and Broker Buddha teams with Spoke has given them the flexibility to quickly scale their operations while empowering their NY team to focus on growth while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary and benefit costs per year.

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