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Data Analytics

Analyzing large datasets is one of the most common back-office tasks that high-growth businesses need help with. We can help streamline these tasks with our super efficient processes. We can even go a step further and provide intelligent data mining.


  • Data analytics

  • Data processing

  • Data Science

  • Data conversion

  • Web research

  • Online catalog processing

Case Study



Invited Home, a luxury short-term rental and hospitality platform, was experiencing bottlenecks when it came to identifying its supply side, key markets, and residential properties. This was primarily due to the arduous nature of identifying properties that met their strict standards, and, once they were identified, figuring out who the property owner was. Most were owned by LLCs with little to no identifiable information.




To tackle the obfuscated nature of LLC ownership structures, Spoke leveraged the use of its Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) team and data research team to create an efficient and cost-effective method for sourcing properties as well as cutting down review cycles within the Invited Home organization. After a couple of days of tweaking and finding the correct team size, we were able to create a streamlined process that removed the need for any additional employees or tools within Invited Home.


Eventually, we refined this process to where Invited Home strategists would target a broad market, such as waterfront properties with assessed values above $4 million dollars. The Spoke team would identify these properties via tax records and append a list of LLC’s and their ownership structure along with corresponding email and physical addresses.


By leveraging technology and creating efficiencies across the various verticals we were able to remove a critical bottleneck and create a scalable solution to one of Invited Home’s most pressing needs. In the end, we deployed a team that filled a funnel averaging 500 properties per week and a method that is able to quickly pivot and scale to Invited Home’s growing needs.

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