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Maternity Leave Policy



  • Duration of Leave: The standard maternity leave is 105 days.

  • Eligibility: Team members who have worked for 90 consecutive days are eligible. The leave can commence 14 days before the due date.

  • Benefit Calculation: The maximum total maternity benefit is calculated as the team member’s daily salary multiplied by 105 days.

  • SSS Contribution: The Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines provides a maximum maternity benefit of $1275.

  • Client Contribution: The maternity salary differential is the difference between the team member's total maternity benefit and the SSS contribution. This computation determines the expected client contribution to cover the remainder.



  • Duration of Leave: The standard maternity leave is 84 days, which can start 6 weeks before the due date.

  • Salary Coverage: Mothers are entitled to 100% of their wages during this period.

  • IMSS Contribution: The Mexican Social Security System (IMSS) contributes to this benefit, paying a maximum of 25 times the minimum wage.

  • Client Contribution: The client covers the difference between the IMSS contribution and the team member's regular salary.



  • Duration of Leave: The standard maternity leave is 18 weeks.

  • Onset of Leave: It can begin 7 days before the due date.

  • Government Coverage: The entire leave period is fully paid by the Colombian government.

  • Client Contribution: No additional client contribution is required.


Sri Lanka

  • Duration of Leave: The standard maternity leave is 84 days.

  • Onset of Leave: Leave can commence 2 weeks before the due date.

  • Eligibility: Benefits are applicable once a team member has completed 150 days of employment.

  • Client Contribution: The entire period of leave is covered 100% by the client.

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Overtime Policy

Team members who work beyond 40 hours weekly are entitled to overtime pay. These rates are determined by country. See below for overtime hourly increase rates:

Screen Shot 2024-01-29 at 9.26.26 AM.png

Termination Policy

We are proud of our retention rate and love that our team members commit to our clients for the long haul! On the rare occasions that things don’t work out, here is a guide to ensure the process is legally and fairly executed, in accordance with labor standards in each country. 

Step I: Written Notice

Please send an email to your account executive with your concerns about the team member in question outlining the nature of the issue as soon as possible. It will fall into one of the following categories: 

  1. Disciplinary (Policy/Rule Violation, Acts of Omission)

  2. PIP + Disciplinary (Performance Improvement Plan after Poor Performance)

This email will trigger the beginning of the last 30 days of employment for the team member. 

Step II: Spoke communicates with employee and follows up with you.


Redundancy occurs when the role is no longer needed by the company (this should not be related to performance) because of business restructuring or  budget allocation.

  • Notice Period: 30 days before the end date. This enables seamless handover and transition of responsibility. This 30-day lead time should be paid in full whether the team member needs to work for the full 30 days or not. The client is expected to provide a desired end date, with the understanding that you are responsible for the final 30-day salary of the team member. 

  • PH: Team members are due a separation payment equivalent to 30 days per year of service, e.g. Tomas has worked for 3 years with client before his role was eliminated. Therefore, he is owed 3 months of salary as a redundancy payment. Spoke covers this charge and it will not be billed to you separately. 

  • MX: The client is expected to pay an amount of remuneration of one and a half months of terminated team member’s salary. 

Disciplinary describes performance breakdown due to a team member’s behavior e.g. policy/rule violation, acts of concern/safety. These include violations of company property, interests, assets, IT security, and safety of fellow team members. We will promptly remove the team member while we investigate the issue, track the incident report, give the employee an opportunity to respond, and follow up with the client on findings to determine next steps.


Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) + Disciplinary addresses a team member’s competency gap by identifying KPI targets and drafting a PIP program over a defined period of time with weekly checkpoints. This process involves the client and team leader culminating in a PASS/FAIL score. In the event of a Fail, we will begin the dismissal process of the team member. 

  • MX: When termination reasons are attributable to the team member, the client is expected to pay two (2) weeks of salary. 

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Leave Credits & Paid Time Off (PTO)

Spoke provides 20 days of leave per year (PTO), which are accrued monthly (1.across a calendar year and can be used for any purpose, subject to client approval. 

  • Leave credits are accrued monthly, accessible to team members after 6 months. 

  • Leaves can be taken as sick leave, vacation, or emergency. 

  • We assume the full entitlement will be used across the calendar year. 


Per employment law, a maximum of five days leave can be converted to cash at the end of the year. If a client’s team members have leave credits owed at the end of the year, any additional days (up to the maximum of five) will be invoiced separately at the end of the calendar year for payment to the staff member in February of the following year. All remaining leave credits will be forfeited. 


PH: Upon termination of a team member, their remaining leave credits are converted to cash and paid out. 

Global Holiday Policy

Predictability vs. Savings

Choosing to have your team follow the US Holiday calendar is more predictable, creating synergy between your local and outsourced staff. Selecting the employee's local holiday schedule may be a more cost-effective option. However, it may lead to less predictable employee availability as some of our locations have substantially more national and local holidays than are currently observed in the US. Additionally, some governments declare impromptu local holidays. 

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Hardware/Software Charges

G Suite is included in our pricing. Monthly billing will include a breakdown of any technology-related expenses associated with your services. Additional software will be billed per license and upgraded hardware will be billed by unit. 

Performance Review & Incentives

Annual Merit Salary Increase

An annual salary rate will increase as part of our commitment to attracting and retaining top talent and ensuring excellent service delivery. This salary rate increase reflects our ongoing efforts to reward their contributions and have their expertise benefit our valued clients.


Performance Review

Our evaluation process combines client feedback and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) completion rate, allowing us to monitor and improve our service quality continuously. This also has a direct impact on retention. The team members' annual merit increase will be determined by

Here's an overview of our evaluation process:

  • Client Feedback: Your feedback matters to us! We'll get feedback from you on an ongoing basis, which may include surveys, questionnaires, or direct communication. This helps us assess your satisfaction with our service, including communication, responsiveness, and problem-solving.

  • KPI Completion Rate: We have established KPIs for our team members to measure performance. These KPIs may include response time, accuracy, productivity, or other relevant indicators. They are expected to meet or exceed these KPIs aligned with our agreement and business objectives.

  • Evaluation of Results: We will collectively analyze the client feedback and KPI completion rate to evaluate our team members' performance. This evaluation will allow us to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement and assess if they are meeting the expected performance standards.

  • Action Planning and Implementation: Based on the evaluation results, we will develop action plans to address any identified areas for improvement. This may involve providing our employees additional training, coaching, or resources or making process adjustments to enhance service quality.

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Refinement: Our evaluation process is continuous and ongoing. We will consistently monitor and review our approach to ensure our team members deliver high-quality service. We will also refine our action plans and make necessary adjustments to improve their performance and continuously enhance your experience with Spoke.

Your Offshore Powerhouse

Team Leader Program 

The Team Leader Program is essential! It provides a structured approach to managing client accounts. Beginning at a headcount of 5, we recommend promoting a team member to the team leader POSITION. This management role offers several benefits. They are given a 12% raise when promoted to the role.

  • Improved Client Satisfaction & Policies’ Compliance: Team leaders effectively manage client accounts, leading to increased client satisfaction and repeat business and referrals, contributing to your company's growth. This program also minimizes legal and regulatory risks and ensures the company operates within the law.

  • Enhanced Team Performance & Better Relationship Management: Team leaders motivate and support their team members better. This improves team performance and productivity, resulting in higher-quality work and achieving set KPIs.

Team Leader Incentive

  • Performance BonusTeam leaders are eligible to receive 100% of the basic monthly salary by completing 90% of KPI checklist in biannual evaluations.

  • Client Incentive OpportunitiesMany clients have been very impressed with Spoke’s culture of excellence and the team members who go above and beyond in their work. We encourage you to issue rewards and bonuses for the team members who go above and beyond to increase productivity and impact your margins  positively!


13th Month Pay

PH & CO: All employees are entitled to 13th month of salary by law. This amount is amortized monthly throughout the year.   

Standard Payment Terms: Net 30

Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. This will allow you to review the invoice and make the necessary payment arrangements. We take our billing and payment processes seriously and are always available to answer any questions. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or further clarification on our billing and payment policy.

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